March 4, 2018

One reason is that the artificial sweeteners in diet sodas create a negative hormonal response in the body that increases fat storing hormone production and increases cravings for more sweets and refined carbohydrates in the time period after consuming the diet drink.


March 23, 2012

Cliff Sheats, PhD., F.R.S.H., Certified Clinical Nutritionist


Nutritionists used to think that a calorie was a calorie was a calorie. But now they know better. Calories from fat head straight to the tummy and hips. That's because fat from food is chemically similar to...

January 1, 2000

In the weight room, there are generally two types of apparatus - free weights and machines, each having their benefits.

Machines are a great way for individuals interested in weight training to get started. They serve as somewhat of a training wheel, using assistance...

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Introduction to Weight Training In The Weight Room

January 1, 2000

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