March 4, 2018

The Culture of Eating
By Jim Wilson
Personal Fitness Trainer and Owner of Physique Magnifique

Of the many elements involved in a complete health and fitness program as well as in competitive athletics, diet by far seems to be one of the most challenging areas for lots...

March 1, 2018


In each cell of your body there is an organelle called the mitochondria whose job is to take your fats and sugars and make them into energy. This energy is needed by the cell to properly do its job and to provide energy for the full body. When the mitochondria are wo...

January 1, 2000

In the weight room, there are generally two types of apparatus - free weights and machines, each having their benefits.

Machines are a great way for individuals interested in weight training to get started. They serve as somewhat of a training wheel, using assistance...

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Introduction to Weight Training In The Weight Room

January 1, 2000

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