Hallway JiuJitsu


(90 minute class)

with Coach Von

Break down your favorite and most feared JiuJitsu moves into unforgettable concepts. This class is designed to help you identify the holes in your game.

This is a lecture based class training partners are helpful but not necessary. If you do bring a training partner or training dummy Von will leave time for drilling technique.

At the end of each class you will receive a personalized strength, mobility and solo drill plan to help you become a better jiujitsu athlete.


What you will need:

A pen and paper to take notes. An open space to move around. Workout clothes. Grappling/wrestling mat or carpeted floor. If a carpeted floor is your only option be sure to wear a rashguard and spats. 

PS: Class days and times are subject to change. Please click the link to join Von's Private Hallway JJ Group to recieve up to date class days and times.

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