Monday @ 7:00am PST

(30 minute class)

with Fernando Solis

Learn how to move and isolate your joints in ways they haven’t been moved in a while.

Motion is Lotion! We will move each joint from head to toe as a warm up, then put them together in a
functional movement circuit, connecting the mind, body and spirit. This is a low impact mobility
training session that will engage your core, and raise your heart rate with low wear and tear on
the body. KEEP MOVING!

Monday @ 5:00Pm PST

(30 minute class)

“Parent/Child Boxing Training”

with Fernando Solis

Learn to box with your child, demonstrated by Fernando and Dominic.

Learn simple boxing movements that will transition into boxing drills to help feed the inner beastin you, and build connection with parent and child.

This class is NOT a workout.

You might sweat a little, but the objective is to learn and progress with your child,

while learning the “Sweet Science”.

Monday @ 5:45Pm PST

(45 minute class)

“basic bodybuilding 101”

with Futaba & jim

This class will explore the basic fundamentals of bodybuilding/body sculpting for exercise and fitness. This class is a low impact circuit style class that will include focused exercises for chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, calves, hamstrings, quads, glutes, and abs. Each class will focus on a different group of body parts, so it will be in your best interest to participate in all three classes for optimum results.

What you will need:

A mat, dumbbells, and/or resistance bands, OR you can be creative and use water bottles, liquid detergent bottles, or whatever you have around the house.

Meeting ID: 344 639 7600

password: fujion

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