JiuJitsu is a form of grappling (a pinning and submission style martial art). It draws elements from both Wrestling, judo and Japanese JuJitsu. Modern day jiujitsu is found in MMA which you can find in organizations like the UFC and Bellator.


Available Trainers

Physiqyue Magnifique is proud to add Vonique Stricklen to the team as the Head JiuJitsu instructor. She began her JiuJitsu journey in 2009 while on deployment with the US Navy to the Persian gulf. After her honorable discharged, she moved to the Bay Area and continued her JiuJitsu training. Due to living situations, Von has had the privilege to learn from Alexander "Crispim" De Almeida, Carlos "Sapao" Ban and Darren Uyenoyama, who she earned her brown belt from in 2018 and still trains with today.


Throughout the years, Von has taught JiuJitsu and competed in various competition venues. Von’s focus outside of being a JiuJitsu coach is Strength & Conditioning coaching and Mental Performance & Nutrition strategy guidance.

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*IBJJF NoGi World Silver Medalist

*Gracie Worlds Silver Medalist


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Coach Von

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