How Can I Avoid Gaining Weight Over the Holidays?

Studies have shown that the holidays are a challenging time of year for people to maintain their weight. Between the busy schedules, elevated stress levels and hefty meals which holidays entail, the average person tends to gain anywhere from 1-5 pounds. Most concerning is that most do not lose this extra weight once the holidays are over, leading to steady increase in weight year after year. However, there are many ways that you can help to prevent weight-gain during holidays. 1. SET ASIDE TIME FOR YOURSELF: Although holidays can be extremely busy, taking time to address your own needs is crucial. If your holiday commitments leave you with no time to relax and de-stress, cut back. Your healthis more important, so be picky about which events you agree to attend. 2. EXERCISE: You do not need to spend hoursat the gym each day 3. SNACK BEFORE: Avoid arriving at holiday events to hungry. Have a light snack before leaving, so that you will feel more self-control in choosing your foods. 4.SAY NO TO PEER PRESSUE! Don't feel pressured to eat foods that you will feel guilty about later. If you are determined to avoid cheesecake, don't let friends or family derail you from your resolution. 5. PORTION CONTROL: You should enjoy the special holiday foods that you love, but don't overdo it. Try to take smaller portions, and be sure to drink water during your meal to help you feel more satisfied.

6. BE REALISTIC: Holidays are a tough time to diet, so don't be too hard on yourself. Weigh yourself before the holidays seasons begin and simply try to maintain your weight during this time. Putting too much pressure can lead to self-sabotage, which will cause you more stress once the holidays are over.

You can do it!

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