8 Reasons To Strength Train

Cardio is good for your heart, but not necessarily for lean muscles mass. Here are eight reasons to incorporate strength training into any fitness plan: 1. You'll burn more calories in a day,even if you're just sitting at a desk. More lean muscles mass means a revved up metabolism. 2. You'll be leaner,meaner and one heck of a fighting machine. Well, at least leaner! 3. Strength training helps you get rid of lumpy,bumpy,unwanted fat. So, you're not only getting lean muscles mass,but you're actually blasting fat. Do we need to explain further? 4. Your bones will thank you. Strength training keep your bones dense and sturdy. 5. Your confidence will soar. When you look better and feel stronger, you can't help but love yourself more. 6.Your stress level will drop. Strength training releases endorphins in your body that combat stress. 7.You'll lessen your chances of injuring yourself in sports or daily activities. Training with weights not only strengthens your muscles, but it also strengthens your tendons, ligaments and joints. 8. You'll stand taller. Strength training, especially core work, will help your posture and make it difficult to slouch.

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