The importance of MITOCHONDRIA. (why it is the first goal)

In each cell of your body there is an organelle called the mitochondria whose job is to take your fats and sugars and make them into energy. This energy is needed by the cell to properly do its job and to provide energy for the full body. When the mitochondria are working as they were designed, you will have all the energy you need (and more), all your organs and cells will be working appropriately, and unless you are consuming way more calories than you need, you should be very close to your optional weight.

Unfortunately, almost all the chemical and heavy metal toxins that are in each of us are potent mitochondrial toxins. These commonly found toxins include: mercury, arsenic, cadmium, lead, chlorinated pesticides, organophosphate pesticides, PCBS, dioxins, aromatic hydrocarbons(from combustion)solvents and plasticizers. Mitochondrial dysfunction not only leads to generalized fatigue, but is now documented to be a major factor in the development of many of the most serious chronic illnesses in our time ( including cancer, neurologic diseases like Park-insonism, diabetes, etc.) While the levels of these toxins in each of us vary, all of them have been found in virtually every person who has been tested for them. This means they are in you and me, as well. One study on adults found an average of 74 of these mitochondrial toxins in each person studied. With the sheer burden of mitochondrial toxins it is amazing that our mitochondria are working at all!

What happens when your mitochondrial are not working as they should?

  • Fatigue & weakness

  • Difficulty thinking,remembering,reasoning, etc.

  • Poor eyesight and digestion

  • Poor wound healing

  • Chronic illnesses

  • Low Stamina

  • Allergies & asthma

  • Diabetes & obesity

  • Heart disease and certain cancers

Take care of those Mitochondria!