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Owner / Trainer


People involved in exercise programs rarely motivate themselves to push beyond the "motor skill" stages of working out. My goal to challenge my clients to realize their full potential. Jim specializes in: Bodybuilding, Beginning - Professional, Private Training, Sports Specific Nutrition & Diet and Posing Choreographyll people more about this item. Give people the info they need to go ahead and take the action you want. To make this item your own, click here.


Boxing / Trainer


With over a decade in the sport under his belt, Fernando Solis has developed a brilliant approach towards the art of Boxing. With numerous fighters who have trained with him ranging from classic boxers to mixed martial artist there are no boundaries and zero limits when becoming the best fighter you can be.Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention

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Front Desk / Trainer


Trained in the art of stretching, Marjani brings a valued uniqueness to our team here at Physique Magnifique. With intense training regimens and sessions, what better way to get your body to respond than by learning the proper techniques to gain performance through stretching. Be sure to visit us to find out more!


Owner / Trainer


Many women are intimidated by weight training. In my course, you will learn the fundamentals of weight training, which can be applied to free weights and machines. I guarantee you'll be free of your intimidation, so you can focus on getting results. Futaba specializes in: Cardio Fitness, Body Sculpting, Private Training Women's Training, Nutrition & Diet, Posing Choreography (Bilingual, Fluent in English and Japanese)

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Boxing / Trainer


Dedicated, hardworking and extremely loyal (not to mention fun!) These are just a few of the great qualities Cesar brings to the table. He will definitely elevate your boxing power and agility levels during his group classes. Be sure to sign up for personal lessons as well

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Ayurveda / Massage


Private Instruction & Services
for Couples & Singles

Mr. Carey!
Certified Thai Massage Practitioner
California Certified Massage Therapist

Buntautuk Shivago Komarpaj
Old Medicine Hospital
Northern Style Thai Massage 
Nuat Boran


& 911 Dispatch
Special Rates


Olympic Lifting


Olympic weightlifting involves the snatch and clean & amp; jerk, exercises which involve explosive speed. Jim Schmitz coached Team USA in the 1980, 1988, and 1992 Olympics.


JiuJitsu / Trainer


I  love teaching people about their body while helping them develop a better connection and appreciation for themselves.​ My health coaching journey began in 2009 while on deployment to the Persian Gulf with the US Navy.  I taught myself how to perform a pull-up and I challenged myself to get stronger. But it wasn't until jiujitsu where I found both strength and purpose. My mission is to help you tap into what you need to help you feel stronger physically, mentally and emotionally.

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Front Desk / Trainer


Jack likes Reggae in the morning!

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