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South San Francisco's community fitness and personal training center. Established in 1992, Physique Magnifique offers a fully-equipped fitness center with personal and group training classes.  Owner, Jim Wilson, has over 30 years of experience in competitive bodybuilding and partner, Futaba Takashima, has been a competitive physique competitor for over 15 years with a background in dance.


Whether looking to get fit, lose weight, stay active or improve your overall health, Physique Magnifique can work with you to achieve your fitness goals. 

Stop by to check out our gym and group classes to see what best fits your personal exercise plan!



Physique Magnifique offers a multitude of training regimens to cater to your specific fitness goals. Please take a moment to look at the services our facility provides as well as get to meet our staff of fitness, health & wellness professionals who go above & beyond to help you achieve greatness.

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Training with Jim and Futaba over the last year was easily the best investment I’ve ever made. The two of them do a great job in fostering a culture at Physique Magnifique that is conducive to working hard and seeing REAL results. Both Jim and Futaba help give you the tools you need that allow you to make the type of physical changes we are all looking for. The training is real, the friendships are real, and the results are real. I’m looking forward to a continued partnership w both Jim and Futaba as I look to conquer my physical goals.


Josh Caulfield


387 Grand Avenue

South San Francisco, CA 94080

Tel: 650-583-8648


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(650) 583-8648

387 Grand Avenue South San Francisco CA, 94080

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